Monday, September 29, 2014

5775: The Shmita (Sabbatical) Year - On Tomatoes and Figs

I was in the garden this morning, trying to encourage my tomato plants to bloom, finally. (I've already tried encouraging them to produce fruit. Perhaps a bit hasty?) They look healthy, strong, green and have the benefit of my being around a lot. Likewise, to no avail, I had hardly a fig on an otherwise well-producing "tree-ish, from-a-finger-width-twig", but only two dried fruit the size of grapes. I was told by one garden expert that I had over fertilized early.  Perhaps the sabbatical year began a bit early for me, just so that I understood what is in store.

During the 7th year, we humans are given the opportunity to let the earth do her thing without prodding. What grows, grows. What lays and produces milk, does so on their own accord, just friendly encouragement. We all get a chance to take a break and smell the roses. (If they choose to bloom.) Regeneration is necessary for all of us.

Will it rain, hopefully. What is "it" that rains? Will there be enough? Just, fortunately.

How to celebrate the harvest / sukkos?

I'm getting ahead of myself, again.

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