Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Manshin: Ten Thousand Spirits" Filmmaker Understands Vitality of Tradition in Contempo Life

Park Chan-kyong in the Korea Herald: 

“The point is, we should really learn to look at our traditions in a different way,” Park said. “We are always talking about developing so-called ‘culture contents.’

“But we look down on and dismiss shamanism in spite of its rich artistic and cultural value. Pansori originates from gut, and morning prayers at modern protestant churches originate from shamanism.”

When asked why he is so drawn to gut, the filmmaker said it is the earnestness of those who do it. “People resort to gut when they are faced with something that is out of their control, such as a fatal illness. It really is their last resort,” said Park.

“They try everything they can to solve the issue, and they try gut when they feel completely helpless. So they are desperate and ardent. And it is that earnestness that makes gut an art. A really great art.”

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