Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Congratulations go out to NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art to l(ink) the past and the present in their first exhibition of contemporary arts from China.

Imagine ... 

From the press announcement:
  1. The first major exhibition of Chinese contemporary art ever mounted by the Metropolitan, Ink Art explores how contemporary works from a non-Western culture may be displayed in an encyclopedic art museum. OK. Confession
  2. Presented in the Museum's permanent galleries for Chinese art, Great stuff from folks who know
  3. the exhibition features artworks that may best be understood As if we need some guidance.
  4. as part of the continuum of China's traditional culture. Oooooh! How exotic is this! Orientale
  5. These works may also be appreciated Since it's likely that most Western folks have no idea why they would want to even care.
  6. from the perspective of global art, Why not simply because it comes from a unique and very powerful culture.
  7. but by examining them through the lens of Chinese Red or otherwise?
  8. historical artistic paradigms, layers of meaning and cultural significance that might otherwise go unnoticed Any more than any other works in the museum?
  9. are revealed. How do you say "AB-RA-KA-DAB-RA! in Chinese?
  10. Ultimately, both points of view contribute to a more enriched understanding of these artists' creative processes. Ah, so ... artists made this art ... Were they perhaps Chinese artists?
It has wonderful pieces in it.  Through April 6, 2014
Check out the website .. http://www.metmuseum.org/exhibitions/listings/2013/ink-art

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