Saturday, December 5, 2015


The relative abundance of fried foods shared in Jewish homes at Hanukah these days -- from latkes (potato pancakes) and sukaniot (doughnuts) -- makes it unlikely that there will be a shortage of olive oil in the community. Just to be sure, however, it's a good idea to keep these slippery delights near the ner tamid (eternal light) in the stiebel (prayer hall) and away from mundane temptations of this world.  

Thus, it is time to promote oil-ternative, cholesterol - free ways to engage with the holiday celebrating the Maccabees cunning and strength against the desecration by the Greeks of the Temple in Jerusalem. Here are some Spirit of '76 suggestions.

1. Oil Change Coupons from your local quick-fix tune-up joint. 

2. Zvat u'Davash (Milk 'n' Honey) Massage from the local Olympic Spa. 

But if you must indulge ... try these oil-ternative sources of the nectar ...

1. Cal Tech Olive Oil: Out of this world olive oil from the terra firma of the campus that explores the greater and smaller universes.

2. Pick-it-Yourself Map of Olive Trees in Public Domain in Silverlake CA (and other locals). Fallen Fruit's Endless Orchard will point you to fruit trees in public spaces on the Urban Fruit Trails in your 'hood. Dig it!

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