Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Glass Mechitza Part 2: Which Side Are You On?

The recent legislative victory favoring the Women of the Wall, a feminist Jewish effort to "liberate" Jerusalem's holy Western Wall from the clutches of ultra-Orthodox factions, has been long-overdue. In brief, The Kotel, remnant of Solomon's Temple complex, is a blessing, but the other wall, the mechitza, the one separating men and women into distinct sections of The Wall, is a recent construct by the assumed theological judicial power that have been.

In fact, The Kotel itself is a mechitza, separating Arabs and Jews, Jews and Jews from the sacred interior to the profane exterior, the latter being the side where Jews are facing when praying.

There is another wall, not even glass, that separates Jewish women and Jewish women.
Men on the Left. Women on the Right. God on the Other Side. From

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